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Multi flue copper chimney caps

Sent KD ( knocked down)
for more economical shipping
  5 piece design ( 4 sides & lid )
easily assembles in minutes

Click the pictures for a larger image

  Stainless steel bolt and wing-nut
allows easy access by removing the lid
  Completely perforated flange
for cement down or masonry fasteners


Large Copper Chimney Cap

Pair of Large Top Mount Copper Chimney Caps.  These are our "Knock Down" Caps which pack flat for easy shipping.

Sizes available 10" x 10" to 60" x 60" and any "on the inch" combination.
10" high mesh height with custom heights available.

Custom lids & internal bracing available for "snow load" regions.

Made of 100% "half hard" 16 oz Copper & Riveted

Compare that to other caps that are copper coated stainless steel


large copper chimney cap

We also make our Copper Top-Mount style chimney caps with a "Hip-Ridge" style roof if you would like a chimney cap with a bit more architectural detail. 

See our hip-ridge copper chimney cap page here.  As always call us at 1-800-685-8263, or email us at volkosupply@yahoo.com to explore your options and obtain a quote.


Chimney Cap Measuring
for custom chimney caps made easy.....
Let's climb that ladder once..... measure "everything" twice.

  Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

The flues may be square, rectangular or round.  Measure accordingly.

Measure everything....

Provide the inner and outer flue measurement to size other options such as top sealing dampers.

Measure the gap, if any, between the flues.  If the gap is wide enough single caps may be used instead of double or multi flue caps.

If the flues are flush, recessed or it's just a "hole"... measure it's opening in the crown.

A.  Measure the height of the flue or highest flue in the group.

B & C.  Measure to the outer most point on each side of the overall chimney's top.  The chimney's cement "crown".

D E F & G.   Measure from the outer most flue in the group to each edge of the chimney. 
Also measure the overall span from outside to outside edge of the flues in the group ( G to F).

Flue Liner -- Usually a high temperature clay (fireclay).  A round, square or rectangular sleeve lining the interior of masonry chimneys.  This is the pathway in which the "smoke" or flue gases pass through to exit into the atmosphere.
(Some chimney were constructed with no clay liner or metal pipe was used as the flue pipe.)
**Always measure a flue side to side, never corner to corner.

Chimney Crown -- Also called a "wash"... is usually a cement topping around the flues and tapered to the chimneys sides to shed water. 
(Some crowns are tapered more than others and may create a more difficult cap installation.)


So many different sizes!!!  Which size do I choose?????

  Since these caps attach to the crown we like to recommend a size where the mesh of the cap is half way between the flues and the edge of the chimney.  Larger is better.

Try to keep the mesh at leased 3-4 inches in from the edge as the flange adds 1 1/4" (all around) to the "foot print" of the cap.  Don't worry about the lid of the chimney cap... it is not recommended that it overhangs the chimney. 

Call 800 685 8263 ..... we will always review the measurements and help size your chimney cap.

or e-mail us at info@volko.com




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